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The Mother- Mother to be the best of our God

There are 6 yrs. Old Miss SHILPA KUMARI says,”The poorness and sickness also coming soon and too much creates difficulties. Her mother passes away in suffering from illness or sickness and left three little innocent kids depend on others. When Miss SHILPA was 4 yrs. Old her mother was no more. Father can’t alone and marry with next lady. The poor kids didn’t see or feels that what is mother as well as her loving , care , looking after - “ MAMTA…..” MAA KI MAMTA”. In such a way other next mother when give then eating i.e. either found the meal or eating”, neither didn’t find not eating. Playing with muddy and dirty places no one can imagine that how passed away of day , month and years. No one can calling with love and affection to give their toys, play with then giving time , care or looked after. Everyday has to careless about them. They were dirty dresses. Dreams with aimless kids were living neither to manage about their education and “SANSKAAR”. Now innocent Miss SHILPA living in girls Aashram , studying in 1st standard happy and pleased with this institute for better care , looks after and of this.