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The Mother has been calling the most Greatest than God

There are 8 yrs. Old Miss NIRMA KUMARI and her younger sis. 5 yrs. Old Miss KRISHNA KUMARI. When KRISHNA was 3 yrs. Old her mother had been passed away i.e. she was no more her father NATHA. How did looked after and cared them of 9 kids. He had 7 boys and 2 girls. Hardly he could survive how to be did afford 9 (Nine) kids. ”Self eating or managed for kids. Where did boy lose to any unknown place in such a problems. Poorness hunger? Who did caring as well as looked after and asking to eating & dresses? Girls cried and what would be their father. Seeing the crying girls father had to be irritate at their kids were going for grazing grassy ground of some goats & sheep here and there in village for buffaloes. As Miss NIRMA and Krishna found to institute ………. The institute has been looks after as well as takes cared of both of girl. Miss NIRMA KUMARI is studying in third (3) standard and KRISHNA KUMARI 2 (Two) second standard. Only the mother feels to the best looks after of a girls ‘ Now these girls feels and just like a family member of the institute . The institute has been trying of their better future of these girls. You have been also helping and co-operating nature with behavior to maintained their dreams and better to better life of these kids of this institute.