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Mother How much lovely i.e. her Greatness

"We don’t know”. Second standard studying 7 yrs. girls Miss SHARMILLA there are third daughter in the family at home. There were very good condition of family status but unfortunately any other accept by the “GOD” i.e. accidently there are crying and weeping there little daughters let free from life of her father. There were too much environmental very orthodox i.e. unfit nature with ancient customs as well as traditionally of villagers her mother when did looked after she went another husband got with married to confident with an old age of Grand-parents of crying girls i.e. daughter. Old Grand-parents what would be they did? Let go no one aim in hers lives for useless with too much pity less condition. There are crying SHARMILLA weeping and crying with sorrow asking anybody what happened lovely girl resultant tears currently flowing with eyes and saying with her words to her bitter experiences to the institute serving team members when above mentioned girl have do searching , find out her where about took her that girl with them in the hostel of the institute. Admitted in the Govt. school to Miss SHRMILLA BY institute efforts for the better future. Now a day’s Miss SHRMILLA is very happy and please in this ASHRAM. The ASHRAM’S family is also her family. She feels just like a family member. She found loving, cared and familiar behavior by any other kids and caretaker management also. Now she feels also just nearby parents cares.