Inauguration of the Asylum Service Institute. .. Saras, who have no faith in the heart, embraced the spirit of religion, followed by the tireless Priyaso of socialist youth Narottam Pandya, Hemant Kumar, Dhaniram Kamal, Sunil Dasottar, Kailash Chandra Gupta, and the Institute President Hemant Kumar and Institute Secretary. By Narottam Pandya. .. in the day by making khichdi from home or sometimes making dal roti or sometimes puri… working to reach people who sleep on the pavement, who have neither food address nor sleep address and stay together A fixed place of. Both used to go to tell food every day… This sequence continued for months,

One day a 14-year-old young man named Zeta, who could neither stand on his feet, could walk while sharing the same food, due to the pitiful condition of such zeta, the whole body due to lying in one place. There were huge wounds, the bed that Zeta slept in was full of mall-urine, no one likes to come near because of the smell, the wounds were biting, both of them saw this condition of Zeta Bathing him on the same, Sunil the tenants also ran to pour water to help, bathed Zeta, put on new clothes, Narottam, Hemant, Dhaniram Kamal, Sunil Dossotar reached the hospital with him,. He was treated with kindness, this is how the journey of service started .... Institute President Hemant Kumar Kori, Secretary Narottam Pandya, Kamal Dhaniram, Sunil Dassotar, and walked the service path